The professional hair loss solution. Our 04 Shedding collection acts to stabilize, strengthen, and repair hair from root to tip, minimizing hair loss over time.

Each product has been expertly formulated with outstanding proteins to support the entire hair while adding renewed volume and shine, working to prevent shedding in the long term.

04 Shedding: Top Advantages

  • Zero fragrance allergens

  • Hydrolyzed milk protein

  • 100% safe for extensions, wigs & weaves

  • Free from parabens, sodium chloride, SLS/SLES

  • Not tested on animals

Shampoo | 04 Shedding


(500/1000 ml)


In brief:

Supporting the natural hair growth cycle, this extraordinary shampoo is enriched with milk proteins to repair the hair fiber, stabilize the root, and leave hair with added softness, shine, and volume.



(10 ampoules de 11 ml)

In brief:

Enriched with vitamins and proteins, these exclusive ampoules deeply penetrate the scalp to strengthen hair from the roots up, preventing hair loss and restoring vitality to every lock.



Ampoules | 04 Shedding